The 10 Movie Characters We Want To Drink With

Whether you admit it or not, we’ve all fantasized about our favorite movie characters. For some this may involve walking with them hand in hand in some romantic beach. For others this could manifest in a crazy road trip where you travel and tick off bucket lists together. Our fantasy here at TAP is a rather simple one – we just want to share a drink or two with our idols from the big screen. We want to do this so badly we even made a list about it. And here it is the 10 movie characters we want to drink with.

1. Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean

Okay. Good old Jack Sparrow may be a pirate who pillages and steals stuff for a living but he’s also a happy-go-lucky chap whose immediate reaction to any situation, no matter how life threatening, is to drink some rum. He’s also got a huge ass pirate ship and an army of brainwashed zombies who’d make interesting company on a booze cruise along the Caribbean. What’s not to love? Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of rum indeed.

2. Haymitch from The Hunger Games

Haymitch mentors people on how to kill each other in a post apocalyptic world. It’s a morbid concept but when you really think about it that sort of knowledge could come in handy one day or at the very least, make interesting inuman conversation. Granted, the guy can be a downer at times especially after watching his wards die in the Hunger Games. This is nothing, however, a shot of vodka can’t fix. We would recommend storing the knives in a secure place. Just to be safe.

3. Mace Castillo from That Thing Called Tadhana

Who could compel a guy to forget all his plans and travel all the way to Sagada after enduring a transatlantic flight? Angelica Panganiban that’s who, in the form of Mace Castillo, from the romcom That Thing Called Tadhana. She’s the perfect combination of sassy, sexy, and vulnerable. Plus, she curses like a sailor and is just as bad in Karaoke as you are.

There’s that slight problem of Mace being majorly hung up on her ex but what are inuman sessions for? Weren’t they invented to mend broken hearts and release the negative feelings within? Besides, hanging out with a pretty girl in Sagada is not a bad idea if we say so ourselves.

4. Asiong Salonga from Manila Kingpin: The Untold Story of Asiong Salonga

We here at TAP have a confession to make, a few of us are into kick ass B movies and nobody seems to kicks ass harder than the Manila Kingpin himself, Asiong Salonga. He brawls, shoots guns, drag races and then comes home for some sweet loving with his hottie wife, Carla Abellana.

Asiong may very well be the ultimate alpha male or he could be just a really violent psychopath. The dude is also really chummy with a bunch of pinoy action stars from the late 80s and 90s, making Asiong and his buddies the best subjects for your next Throwback Thursday post.

5. Tony Stark from The Avengers

One cannot make a list about movie characters without including a superhero and we choose the billionaire, philanthropist, playboy Tony Stark. For starters, he’s super rich so you don’t have to worry about him skipping on the bill. Second, he’s got Jarvis as a virtual butler so there’s always a designated driver on hand. And finally, he is, without a doubt, the most fun Avenger. The Hulk has anger management issues. Thor has that messiah complex. Black Widow is too serious. And Cap and Hawkeye are just plain boring. Tony is the man! Now, shall we assemble?

6. Praybeyt Benjamin from The Unkabogable Praybeyt Benjamin

Every party needs a court jester and nobody delivers the zingers better than Vice Ganda as Praybet Benjamin. Praybet Benjamin, for those who haven’t seen the film, is a gay man who enrolls in the army and pretends to be straight to help his ailing father. He immediately gets into trouble since Vice Ganda in combat is basically useless. Instead of giving up, however, he makes fun of everything and everybody, eventually saving the day. That type of personality, ladies and gents, is what turns a regular inuman session into an awesome one.

7. Popoy Gonzales from One More Chance

Of all the characters on this list John Lloyd Cruz’s Popoy is probably the least remarkable, which is exactly the reason why TAP chose him. Popoy is the guy whose journey we’ve heard or been through before. He falls in love with his college sweetheart, dedicates his life to her, then one day the girl decides leave him. Boom!

Heartbreak similar to Popoy’s is why 9 out of 10 people get drunk in bars and you’ve got to give credit to character who is secure enough to display all those #feels. Also, Popoy in general seems lika a cool guy to shoot the shit with. Just don’t make the mistake of mentioning his ex-girlfriend, Basha.

8. Ted from Ted

Taking your childhood teddy bear to a bar or club doesn’t sound like the coolest idea. But then again Ted is not your regular stuffed toy. The damn thing is alive. Not to say this is necessarily a good thing. Ted, for the most part is loud, obnoxious, and a pain in in the ass to hang out with. But like all douchebags Ted makes a boring night fun and in times of trouble he’ll be the first one to jump into a fight. If you’re just going to hang out with an asshole might as well hang out with the one with a plushy underbelly.

9. Seth and Evan from Superbad

Remember the good old days when scoring alcohol seemed like the biggest deal in the world? Remember the excitement you felt when you bought and chugged down your very first beer? Nobody has been able to capture the sheer awesomeness and stupidity of that moment in movies as much as Seth and Evan from Super Bad.

They’re two virgins who get invited to a high school party, get fake ids and score some booze. The duo is stupid, reckless and screw up their plans almost immediately. Seth even heads butts the love of his life. It’s chaos but hell, isn’t that what being young is all about?

10. Kevin Kosme from Home Along da Riles

We’re not entirely sure if Kevin Kosme played by the late and great Dolpy actually liked drinking. But the guy lived nearby train tracks, so the idea of Kevin having gin with some buddies isn’t that far-fetched.

Kevin Kosme represents the funny everyman we all love and love to share some shots with. He could be your mentor, an older relative or even just a pal you really respect. You go to him when you need to figure out the mess that is called your life and even though he may not have any solid answers to your questions, he’s got all the right jokes to make you feel better anyway.


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