14 Reasons Why Drinking Is More Fun In The Philippines

It’s Independence Day weekend in the Philippines and everyone here at TAP is damn proud to be a Filipino. In true TAP fashion, we thought we’d commemorate this holiday by celebrating the best of the Philippines. More specifically, we list down reasons why drinking here is better than drinking anywhere else.

1. Beer by the liter

The “Mucho” or “Grande” is the answer to everyone who has wondered how much is just enough. This liter version of a beer bottle lends itself to a more “family style” of drinking. The bottle is communal, passed around and enjoyed together. Whether you’re a bunch of college kids looking to save a few bucks or a group of pedicab drivers unwinding after a long day, there are many reasons why Pinoys love the Mucho.


2. Beer runs this country

San Miguel is the country’s largest conglomerate. Apart from liquor, SMC has interests in food, energy, banking and even tollways. Beer money is literally funding the Philippine economy.

3. Every occasion is a drinking occasion

It’s your birthday? Painom ka! You’re getting married? Inom na! You got promoted? Inom na! Baptism of your child? Shot na! You just broke up with your boyfriend? GNO! Let’s drink! Someone died? Inom para sa kanya!


4. It’s always social

One of the more common tropes of American film and TV is the man drinking alone in the bar and pouring his heart out to the bartender. This seems like a common practice for Caucasians, as you’ll even spot them around here drinking by their lonesome.

Filipinos though? Whether it’s beside a sari-sari store or in a fancy Irish Pub, you’ll often see large groups of friends or colleagues gathered around long tables. Every 15 minutes or so someone will shout, “Cheers!” and everyone in the group will raise their glass, no matter the proximity. Pinoys drink with friends. Pinoys drink for friends.


5. Pulutan

What’s better with beer than a plate of sizzling sisig? How about chicharon bulaklak? Or Adobong mani? Filipino cuisine is filled with all kinds of sizzling greasy meat parts to pair with your drink of choice.

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6. The bucket

The bucket has become such a part of our lives that it’s so hard to imagine life without it. What kind of bar doesn’t have a bucket promo these days? The default denomination of how beer is served in this country has made it easier for drunks to keep track of how drunk they’ve become. After all, calculating for 3 buckets is so much simpler than 18 bottles.

7. Liquor is cheaper than coffee.

P50 for a bottle of water? P100 for black coffee? Fuck Starbucks. Let’s get a real drink.


8. Liquor is cheaper than gasoline.

If only cars could run on Ginebra.

Image via Cornell University News Website

9. The beach is always just a drive away

There are few things more pleasurable in life than enjoying a drink while at the beach. The sun is setting, the waves are crashing and you are sitting on the sand with a rum and Coke in one hand and a cigarette in the other. In the Philippines, this scenario can play out in 7107 different places and in a million different ways. Cheers to the best beaches in the world!


10. Jerbaxx/Weng-Weng/Bangege/Badtrip/Adios Motherfucker/Fuck You Charlie

Pinoy cocktails are awesome. Singapore Sling? Tom Collins? Sex on the Beach? Child, please.

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11. Videoke

Although the bane of every next-door neighbor’s existence, videoke is one of the more celebrated ways of partying for Filipinos. Almost every Filipino fancies himself a good singer (to be fair, there seem to be more good ones than bad) and the confidence rises exponentially once shots get passed around. Just don’t butcher Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.” We all know what happens.

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12. Alcohol is everywhere

You will not drive a kilometer in the Philippines and not find a sari-sari or convenience store of some sort. Even the smallest sari-sari store in the most remote places in this country will be able to peddle you some kind of booze. Whether it’s a Tanduay Lapad or a Ginebra Bilog, you’re sure to find something with a kick to get you through the day.

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13. Fiestas

On any given day, there is a fiesta being celebrated in the Philippines. Whether it’s the patron saint of a barangay or the foundation day of a town or a long-standing semi-religious exercise like Sinulog or Moriones, something is being celebrated somewhere. Of course, a Filipino celebration is not complete without a little alcohol. Or a lot.

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14. Tapsilog

What better way to end a night of drinking than a nice plate of tapa, runny eggs and fried rice? The Philippines serves the best morning-after food. This also works with beef pares, longganisa, bangus or tocino. Having that post-inuman meal is the perfect way to wrap up the evening.



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