9 Reasons Why Drinking Is More Fun In Iloilo

Any place that serves Batchoy is already a winner in our book. But as anyone who has visited the former “Queen City of the South” will tell you, there’s a lot more to Iloilo than its famous soupy dish. Here are 9 reasons why drinking is more fun in Iloilo.

1. There’s no traffic.

It’s a Saturday night, you’re itching to open a cold brew or a bottle of wine, and where are you? Stuck in EDSA with your annoyed girlfriend or boyfriend who’s dying to pee. Sucks right? In Iloilo, like in most provinces, this problem doesn’t exist. Roads are wide and cars (along with the idiots who drive them) are few and far between.


2. People actually know each other.

Ever go to a bar or club full of hundreds, sometimes thousands of people, and feel completely out of place. Hang out in Iloilo with some locals and you’ll never feel that way again. People actually greet each other in bars. Isn’t that refreshing? Hooking up, however, can get rather tricky in the province since you’ll soon discover that rumours spread fast and nobody wants to be labeled “the village bicycle”.

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3. Ilonggos like their slippers.

“Okay lang naka-tisnelas basta may pera ang bulsa.”

This is the mentality of Illonggos when it comes to dressing up at night and we couldn’t agree more. Who needs imported leather shoes with a matching coat and tie in tropical weather? There are only a few things an Ilonggo needs for a good night out – some cash, good company, and a big bowl of Ding Dong.

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4. You can give an IOU.

Let’s say you go out with some buddies and for some explicable reason, you forget to bring some cash. In Manila, the bar owner would probably call the police or have you beaten up. In Iloilo, you can simply write a note saying that you’ll pay them later or an IOU (I Owe You). Imagine doing that in The Palace Pool Club.

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5. Ilonggos are kuripot.

Ilonggos are notorious penny pinchers, which means that buying booze in IloIlo is much cheaper than in Manila. To put things in perspective, two bottles of Johnnie Walker Black cost around 3K in JLK (Just Loving it for Keeps) a local bar in Smallville, Iloilo. In the capital that would probably cost thrice as much. Buang!


6. Guimaras is just 20 minutes away.

If someone from Manila wanted to go to the decent beach for some sunset toasting by the sea, he or she would have to travel a couple of hours to Zambales or Batangas. Ilonggos just hop on a bangka and head over to the serene island of Guimaras. Guimaras is famous for old school rest houses like Villa Elena and Roca Encantada. Plus, their mangoes are kick ass!


7. Batchoy.

Fun fact. Rumor has it that Batchoy was invented as a way to make use of leftover food. Whatever the case, Batchoy has become Iloilo’s most famous hangover soother for millions of Filipinos, us included. You’ll be tempted to sample the 24/7 Batchoy houses around the city and they aren’t bad at all. But if you can wait till morning, we highly recommend you try Netong’s Batchoy in La Paz, Iloilo. Get the one with fresh egg. Trust us, it’s Namit gid.


8. This club.

Club Zyron’s – 1, Valkyrie – 0.


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9. Seafood.

Iloilo is located in southeast of the Panay Island which carries the best seafood in the country. The Wasay-Wasay is highly recommended. It’s an exotic shellfish that looks like an oyster but tastes like crab.They say it can only be found in one of Iloilo’s islands and nowhere else. It’s insanely huge and insanely cheap! Try it with Gold Eagle Beer and steamed rice and you’ll never want to leave this place again. Ever.





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