A Gentleman’s Survival Guide: How To Spin Like A Man

Love. Sweat. Gratitude. These are words you’ll notice when you enter Electric Studio, home of one of Manila’s latest exercise fads – electric cycling AKA spinning. Now, the Spartans out there may think that riding a glorified stationary bike doesn’t require much sweat or love or gratitude.

Like most things in life, however, spinning is a task that’s easier said than done. Now, we at TAP don’t claim to be fitness experts. But we do occasionally visit places other than bars and if we were able to survive spinning, we sure as hell can help you do the same.


Do A Bit of Prep

You don’t need to have 10% body fat to spin. But if your main source of exercise for the past 6 months has been to open a bottle of San Mig Light then you may consider trying less strenuous forms of exercise before enrolling in spinning.

Jog for a couple of weeks. Lift some dumbbells. Do some laps in the kiddie pool. Heck, do whatever pleases you. Just don’t go inside that studio without having done some exercise beforehand because when a spin class starts, it gets intense really quickly.

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Wear The Proper Duds

Let’s cut the crap. People enroll in expensive gyms and fitness classes to see and be seen. Spinning is no different. Now, we’re not advising you to buy a whole new wardrobe at Under Armour. It’s a bit ridiculous to pay thousands of pesos for a pair of pants your balls are going to sweat in. But please don’t go spinning with your decades old basketball shorts or that tank top with holes in them.

In addition, unless you’ve got a body like David Beckham, be kind to your fellow classmates and wear something on the modest side. People want to focus on the class and not your love handles. Be sure to bring a towel and a bottle of H20 as well.

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Fake It Till You Make It

Spinning is basically cycling in place while following the beat of the music and the choreography of your instructor. The exercise becomes challenging when you increase the resistance on your bike- the higher the resistance, the tougher the ride.

If you’re naturally fit person, by all means go to town on the resistance, but if you’re a “semi-active” individual then do what we did and just fake it. Cycling on the regular setting is already tough and it’s not like there’s an MMDA officer in class who will issue you a ticket if don’t follow the rules. Ride at your own pace and don’t try to compete with the MILFs beside you, because trust us, you’ll fail.

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Exit with Dignity

Your immediate response after that first spinning class will probably to drop dead on the floor. Your legs will feel like jelly and you might be a little dizzy from the intense cardio workout. If you’re really out of shape, you may even have slight injury or two.

This is all normal. Resist, however, the urge to complain. You are not a bitch. You are a gentleman. So quickly pack up your things, rush to the nearest bar and in your quiet corner pat yourself on the back. You survived your first spin class. Now reward yourself by gaining all those calories back with a beer.


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