Alamat ng Garahe: The Fountain of Youth

Rex Batallones (San Beda College ’18) – Acne-faced pussy-whiskered sophomore with an alcohol allergy. Trying hard to impress the ladies. Failing.
Anna Jane Nazareno (CEU ’17) – Desperately needs a GNO to talk about her fling with a professor. Has a different color nail polish on each finger nail.
Jonathan “Jumbo” Gonzales – Not really much of a drinker, but came here because he heard the crispy pata was amazing.
There isn’t a more endearing sight than seeing a 19-year old acne-faced, pussy-whiskered college kid who’s redder than a stoplight trying to down his 5th bottle of Red Horse. For a lot of people, college is the time where one gets the first taste of liberation. You probably get to stay out a little later, drive or commute on your own, live away from home, and, of course, get mind-numbingly wasted. When you’re of legal age, obviously.

The problem when you’re in college is that although you want to get drunk, you may not have the money or the place for it. In the vicinity of the University Belt, though, Alamat ng Garahe presents an intriguing solution. It has an ideal location, the crowd is decent, the place looks awesome and the beer is always flowing.

Alamat-2Located right outside the vicinity of Malacanang near Nagtahan bridge, Alamat ng Garahe is an ideal location for stressed-out students and professors alike to unwind and have a beer or 8. With all these educational institutions around the area, you can expect the crowd here to be decent people with decent problems. If you’re looking for a shadier time, drive around some more.

There is something charming about the simplicity and character of this place. The walls are decorated with old hubcaps of vintage Mercedes models. They make use of old car seats as chairs. Plate numbers of cars long-dead take the place of picture frames. If there was a little bit of sunlight and a little less music, you may even think this place was an auto shop. Alas, with piles of Red Horse bottles on each table, you’re not going to make that mistake at night.

Alamat-4Alamat-3This is something very common with college kids. Red Horse is the poison of choice. It’s cost-effective, taste a whole lot better than Light and available everywhere. The night TAP was there, there was a long table literally covered in buckets of Red Horse. It looked like Homer Simpson trying to prepare for a zombie apocalypse. Fuck everything else, get as much beer as you can.

You can imagine that a night here will start pretty tame. A group of students (legal age) will drop by after school (only after school) and start dishing out on their latest failed long test. Then a bucket gets finished. Now the group starts discussing how much Professor Kanor sprays saliva on the front row. Then another bucket. The discussion moves to Randy’s undying love for a blockmate that won’t even talk to him. Then 3 more buckets go down and the debate moves to whether you’d fuck Vice Ganda if you could fuck Anne Curtis after.

Alamat ng Garahe is fairly new, and will probably continue to evolve as time goes on. The drinks are cheap, the place has a lot of character and the people are great to hang out with. If one thing is for certain, a lot of college memories are going to be made in this place.


The Good – Cheap beer, good vibes, crispy pata
The Bad – students who can’t control their liquor can get rowdy
What P500 Will Get You – A bucket of Red Horse and some crispy pata


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