Back To The 90s: Time Capsule


Jeffrey Quizon – Works as a freelance video editor. Film connoisseur and thinks the concept of Boyhood was his original idea.
Bryan Magno – Has enough acoustic guitar skills to be the next Paolo Santos. He wants his cover songs to be on Spotify but there are copyright laws he doesn’t understand.
Alicia Gancho – Wears knee high boots, short skirts and dark lipstick everyday like a cartoon character. Idolizes Liv Tyler and watches reruns of Friends on her Asus laptop on boring nights.

Do you sometimes think the 90s was just a decade ago but then realize it’s actually been twenty years? There is this cycle wherein a decade old trend becomes the “in” thing again. For example, during the late 90’s to early 00’s people were digging the 80’s ballad covers sung by acoustic “idols”, Paolo Santos and Jimmy Bondoc; and same goes with fashion and other pop culture. If trend had an equation, it would be “the present year (x) less (10-20 years) = today’s trend”. That explains the hashtags and captions of “Memorable Mondays”, “Take Me Back Tuesdays”, “Way Back Wednesdays”, “Throwback Thursdays”, “Flashback Fridays” and the list goes on.

Back To The 90’s well, brings you back to the 90’s. Their logo is a spoof of the film Back To The Future. Think Spoofs Unlimited era (Suotmotopre Faraguwapo and Starbuko Ice Drop). Imagine someone filling a grenade with 90’s memorabilia then throwing it inside a bar. That’s their setup. On their tinted window are stickers of 90’s icons, Michael Jordan, 2 Pac, Hulk Hogan and Slash. On the left wall you’ll see posters of Nirvana and NWA near an NBA card collection and some movie posters of Tarantino’s classics. There’s a stage with a backdrop of the Delorian time machine’s time circuit display. On the right wall are movie posters from the nineties such as Dazed and Confused, Reality Bites and Debbie Does Dallas. You can also see VHS tapes of Twister, Die Hard 2 and Clueless hanging on the other walls.

back90s2back90s3back90s6Their menu design is also part of the theme. It’s a CD case with a custom insert that has “witty” words from the nineties. Local beers here are priced at P55. Go get a bucket of 6 for P300 to save P30. As far as food is concerned this place just serves bar chow. No rice involved. Just pica-pica. Their Cholesterol Basket (P 160) is one the best sellers. It is a basket of assorted fries served with Jollibee-ish gravy. They also have the fried beef tapa (P 180), which is actually good but could be better with rice and eggs. The beef tastes like Cow Label but less sticky. Unfortunately, other selections on the menu were not available.

back90s5back90s7There’s nothing much to see here on a Monday night. On one table there seems to be a couple that may or may not have a secret affair. The other crowd was just the owner and his friends who are dressed up like they’re working for Empire Records. A solo artist jammed that night and was probably friends with the said crowd. He sang his own rendition of The Psychedelic Furs, “The Ghost in You” and some songs, which were more of back to the 80’s than 90’s.

Back To The 90’s gets packed though during events and gigs. Rock icons such as Pepe Smith and Kevin Roy have been here and you can see their names on the bar’s freedom wall. Jazz events and indie bands play every week, every other day. The size of the venue is perfect for gigs. The lighting and the vibe of Back To The 90’s really make you feel like you’re in a Richard Linklater movie. If the place is empty, you can have a “Before Sunrise“ conversation with someone. On a full house, you’ll feel like “Cornholio” who needs TP for his bunghole.


The Good – Gives you nostalgia and perfect place for listening live music or just chilling on a Monday night
The Bad – Limited menu selection, Service blows with one bartender manning the place and the place is Binay dark
What 500 Pesos Will Get You – A bucket of beer and a bucket of cholesterol


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