Crying Tiger Street Kitchen: You Won’t Go Home Crying

Tipsy Pig. Black Sheep. Pink Panda. Call us crazy but there seems to be a growing obsession with naming restaurants in Manila after animals. One could speculate that it was only a matter of time before someone would decide to label a place after one of nature’s most majestic creatures – the tiger. Enter Crying Tiger Street Kitchen.

Located along Guanzon Street in Makati, Crying Tiger is a Thai restaurant with a hole in the wall vibe made for urban dwellers. It’s clean enough to dine in but still has the grit to be considered cool. The layout is open and its simple furnishings and decorations blend seamlessly into the city street. There’s a mounted TV set showing Thai soap operas for added effect.

Crying Tiger is located in the outskirts of Makati so the crowd can best be described as mixed. Expect to dine beside backpackers from nearby hostels along with local folk from around the neighborhood. It’s an unpretentious joint. Wearing slippers and board shorts is just as acceptable here as wearing a suit and tie. There’s no AC, so bring a fan if you want to keep cool.

Crying-Tiger-3Crying Tiger can’t claim to have the best Thai food in the city but its dishes are tasty enough to satisfy. A must try is the Thai Fried Chicken (P399). The meat is savory and tender with that “save till the end of the meal” crispy skin. Another TAP approved item is the Thai Pork Omelette (P95), a fried egg dish with bits of savory pork over a mound of fluffy white rice.

The drinks selection of Crying Tiger isn’t too shabby as well. Aside from the usual wines and beers, they have special Asian Cocktails. Some recommendations include the milky Thai Coconut Cocktail (P200) and the refreshing Watermelon Lime Cooler (P150).

Crying-Tiger-2One nitpick would probably be the service. It takes longer than usual to get a drink and the waiters have a tendency to forget your order. The place, however, hasn’t been open very long so there’s a good chance they’ve worked out their service kinks the next time you visit.

At the moment Crying Tiger is still underground enough for most people to easily get a table. But don’t wait too long to try it out because once the Makati crowd gets hold of this place it’s going to be packed. Let’s hope you don’t go home crying.


The Good – The unpretentious food and atmosphere.
The Bad – Service could be better.
What P500 Will Get You – Thai Fried Chicken and an Asian Cocktail.


Sandara Ayun Lee – Korean student from Seoul who came to the Philippines to learn English, become independent and get drunk with cute boys.

Kiko Estrada – Works as a receptionist for a nearby hotel. 10 times smarter than his expat bosses but gets half their salary.

Jennylyn Ramos – Aspiring singer and songwriter. Dreams of being the Philippines’ version of Taylor Swift. The only thing they have in common, however, is the penchant for writing about exes.


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