Drew’s: Get Dirty

College can be pretty stressful. I mean, you have your long tests, your random graded recitations, your comprehensive Philosophy orals with 20 thesis statements spanning an entire year of complicated and confusing discourse on pagmemeron. You spend late nights running on coffee or Extra Joss, trying to understand Mohr’s Circle for your Eng quiz, or writing that 10-page essay on Pavlov’s conditioning theory (1-inch margin, double spaced). This is on top of the various extra-curricular activities you chose to participate in. Although working people would beg to differ, at that point in your life, hell weeks could be the most stress your puny, pre-real world brains can fathom. Sometimes, bottles of beer don’t cut it. You need stronger orders of liquor to take the edge off.

Lucky for Katipunan kids, that’s precisely the need Drew’s has filled. Where Cantina caters to those who want to “chillax” with a bucket of San Mig Light to welcome the weekend, Drew’s serves those who want a good smashing after a week of crazy requirements. It’s also a place where college kids pop their vomit cherry. This is the place where those shy, slightly (let’s be gentle) overweight, recently acne-faced, never-been-kissed girls get their first taste of drunken liberation.

Drew’s is on the third level of the old Red Tag, behind Shakey’s and across McDonald’s along Katipunan. Inside, it’s a real bare-bones set-up of aluminum chairs and tables, those crappy electric fans attached to the wall and a smoking area fenced in by chicken wire (although, as with any drinking place in this strip, every area is a smoking area). All this is lit up by some cheap-ass neon lights and serviced by a waiting crew that seems to routinely wake up on the wrong side of the bed. The music here is feast or famine. In some nights, it’s a steady playlist of 90s OPM, an inuman staple, featuring music from bands like Parokya ni Edgar, Eraserheads, Teeth and Rivermaya (during the days they were still cool and Bamboo was more than just a product peddler. Seriously, I think that guy will sing about animal feeds if the price was right. On other nights though, it’s just Lady Gaga’s Poker Face and Jay-Z’s Empire State of Mind on an alternating, infinite loop.

Although the place is aesthetically a glorified shithole, the deadly concoctions make up for it. They specialize in strong mixed drinks served in pitchers of sweet, fruit-flavored, back-stabbing evil. These drinks are budget-friendly, perfect for students surviving purely on allowance (or on taxpayer’s money. Yeah that’s right, I went there). Liters of gin with various powdered juices cost P130. The stupider titled 2L drinks go for P250, probably because they use more expensive alcohol.


One of the trademarks of Drew’s is the putrid names they come up with for their drinks. We recommend the white rum-based Jerbaxx, if only because it looks like shit, literally. But you can choose from Chopa-Eng, Tebats, Tsupapi, What’s The Wrong Anything The Matter and a bunch of others with more bastos names. We’re not sure what these are but regardless what you order, these will all get you drunk the same way anyway. You can even avail of the Wow Super Promo that adds pulutan to your pitchers for a couple of hundred bucks more.

A pitcher can be shared among 5 and it’s best enjoyed with a drinking game to speed up the shots. I Never, or something stupid like that to “get to know” your new blockmates better (Unfortunately, due to the massive influx of Korean students in these parts, the drinking games have gone the way of a coked-up Sandara Park cheerdance). Going there again after years of being out of school brings back memories of drunken nights with idiotic speed games and colorful vomit. Just remember, the faster your drink these pitchers, the less you remember. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


The Good – cheap and strong mixed drinks, cheap pulutan
The Bad – dirty place, loud students playing drinking games
What P500 will get you – 2 liters of GinSomething and 2 servings of chicken fingers

TAP’s recommendation for:

Bea Marielle Salindogan (Holy Spirit ’09, ADMU ’13) – is “chubby” and “friendly” and “kwela” and “one of the boys.” Deep down, is ready to have her first boyfriend.

Gerard Anthony Arespacochaga (AHS ’08, ADMU ’12) – Wears boardshorts and slippers to school everyday, never combs his hair, has broken the single-day record for saying “Tangina pare”

Carlo Demetrio Germar (Unknown HS, UP ’12) – Iskolar ng Bayan, Ginagamit ang pera na galing sa buwis na binabayad natin at ng ating magulang upang makapaglaro ng DOTA, Inaatupag maging inhenyero, ngunit bumabagsak sa kurso dahil sa pagiinom at paglalaro ng DOTA.

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