Eighteen Bistro: The Number 18


Joseph Jespersen – A Scandinavian exchange student willing to TNT in the Philippines just for the women and the booze
Arthur Moreno – Script writer for ABS-CBN’s Showtime and is a “kalokalike” of Ryan Rems, jokes a lot during dates
Melissa Honteveros – Self proclaimed professional food critic for www.melissavsfood.com; says potato with an “F” and “chocolate mouse”

There’s this belief that the number 23 is connected to certain events or incidents. They call this the “23 Enigma”. Remember Jim Carrey had a film about this several years ago? Sadly, it was a flop. Here at Eighteen Bistro, along Scout Rallos, beside the F7 Building, there’s this “18 Enigma” going on but in a very good way. They had their soft opening last February 18 and officially opened last July 18. They have 18 items on their food menu. The seating capacity of the place is for 18 people. When the clock strikes 18:00 (That’s 6pm-9pm on a 12-hour clock), they offer their cocktail of the day at 18 pesos each just as long as you order food. If it’s the 18th day of the month they have five 18-peso cocktails to choose from at the 18th hour. Actually, there are a lot of things you can associate with the number 18 like it’s the legal drinking age; 18 shots can lead to an 18-hour headache and an 18-ounce vomit.

For an 18-seater bistro, expect it to be small but cozy. This place is suitable for dates or small group gatherings. Tables can be setup outside but you’d be seating nearby an air-con exhaust, electric meters and parked cars. When it’s raining, sitting outside will probably get your piña colada mixed with rainwater because of the small canopy covering its “al fresco”. It’s best to reserve a seat inside.

18-2You go here for the food, the atmosphere and most importantly, the 3-hour happy hour. In order to avail the 18-peso cocktail, you have to order one of the small plates or main courses. This is per person. Recommended is the Chicken Parmigiana (P290). It’s a baked chicken fillet topped with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce served with mushroom rice pilaf. Another main dish is the Beef Borguignon (P320). It’s slow braised beef cooked in red wine with a potato terrine siding. It’s pronounced as bor-gin-yon by the way, just in case you want to impress someone. If you’re the introvert type, just point the menu item to the waiter so he’d mention it first then just repeat what he says. “Yes, one beef borginyon”.


Chicken Parmigiana


Beef Borguignon

18-3The bistro’s owner slash bartender is a mixology major. You know that he gets the job done The Amats Project way. The cocktail of the day was Frozen Daiquiri. For only 18 pesos, it was just too good to be true. The daiquiri had enough punch to slow you down in one martini glass without compromising the taste. Their impressive bar list contains more or less, 18 multiplied by 5 drinks. That’s roughly 90 kinds of alcoholic beverages. This includes whiskies, vodkas, gin, rum, tequila, liqueurs, beers and wines(both local and imported). Pale Pilsen is priced at P70 and San Mig Light at P65. Crafted cocktails are averagely two hundred bucks. The Signature Eighteen (P180) consists of brandy, Cointreau, orange juice and cherry is highly suggested. The hidden gem in the bar roster is the Ron Zacapa rum priced at P 300+ per shot. It’s sourced from the Guatemalan highlands. It’s sweet and smooth. Just right for neat sipping. The wide selection of beverages is one of the best reasons to come back to this place.


The Good – 18-Peso Cocktails! Wide selection of quality beverages and serves European cuisine
The Bad – Limited parking and seating capacity
What P500 Will Get You – A main dish and 11 cocktails during happy hour


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