A Gentleman’s Survival Guide: Drinking Alone

For most people in Manila, drinking is a social activity. It’s something you do amongst friends to celebrate occasions or just to shoot the shit. But there comes a point, whether by design or accident, when a man finds himself alone, without his trusty barkada to share a shot with.

Having said this, there’s a very fine line between being the solitary wolf who carries his drink with confidence and the lonely loser who’s clutching his beer like a baby bottle. If you prefer to be the former rather than the latter, we suggest you keep on reading.

Don’t Get the Corner Table

When you enter unfamiliar territory the temptation will be high to find the most secluded table at the corner and watch events unfold like a bad reality TV show. Resist the temptation.

First, sitting at the corner will make you look like a creepy stalker. Second, it will close you off to meeting other patrons who, just like you, are probably looking for some casual conversation. Third, the corner is far from the bartender, the one person in the joint who has no choice but to talk you. So man up and sit at the bar.

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Act Like You Own The Place

There’s always one person in a club or pub who goes out of his way to talk to others. He’s the friendly, outgoing guy who appears completely at ease within his surroundings. Chances are that individual is acting that way because of one thing – he owns the place.

We’re not saying that you steal the owner’s identity (that’s psychotic). We’re saying that you adopt the confidence and open attitude of a boss. Bosses want to the people around them to have good time. They have the balls to party strangers. Why? Because they own the place! Now, we all know that you don’t own the joint but that doesn’t mean you can’t be as cool as the person who does.

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Bring An Interesting Prop

We really don’t recommend bringing thingamajigs to drinking spots. They can turn into really lame excuses for people not to speak to each other. But if you absolutely HAVE to bring a prop, kindly make it an interesting one. And no, your IPhone is not interesting.

Bring something that will capture the interest of the person beside you. For example, if you are a decent artist a small sketchpad with caricatures of the people around you is cool. If you are into photography, reviewing some travel pictures isn’t a horrible idea. You can even bring your cute golden retriever if your drinking al fresco. Just never bring something that will make you look like even more introverted than you already are, and please… when someone starts talking to you, drop the prop and talk back.

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Pace Yourself

Pacing the amount of drinks you have is always a good idea, even more so when you’re alone in the bar. Remember, you won’t have your trusty friends to bring you home and it’s just downright safer to be more sober than drunk when you’re sharing stories with folks you just met a few seconds ago. You never know, that hot chick you’ve been talking for 10 minutes, her middle name might be Fernando.

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Don’t Overstay Your Welcome

You did it! You’re the solitary wolf who conquered drinking all alone. Well done, Jacob Black! We, however, have one final piece of advice. Don’t over stay your welcome. You want to leave with confidence and an aura of mystery. How do you know it’s time to go? The moment after you fall of your stool is probably a good time.

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