Moonshine Public Urban Bar: The Wolf of Sapphire Bloc

CJ Buencamino– Stockbroker most likely involved in inside trading.
Christine Chan – HR for Union Bank, thinks she has lots of friends in the office but in fact, they’re just kiss ass for a pay raise.
Wilmerson Kotongwey – Grandson of a business magnate, wears a floral patterned shirt, skinny jeans and insanely colorful kicks everyday. He doesn’t care if his dad’s company has the worst customer service. Turning 36 years old this weekend.
Here’s a quick history lesson just so you know. Moonshine was not a product of the prohibition and speakeasy era. After the 18th century revolutionary war in the US, the poor farmers from the East side opted to illegally produce homemade, high alcohol content spirits and sell them to nearby towns. They were produced and transported during late nights hence, its name. Moonshines were way more profitable than selling corn. Moonshine, in fact, was the product of a financial crisis. Coincidentally, it’s again in tune with today’s global market. Stockbrokers and bankers just have to face the music, laugh it off and have a few shots. Luckily, Moonshine relocated just a few blocks near the Philippine Stock Exchange. It’s in the ground floor of the new Sapphire Bloc building along Sapphire Road. Behind the Marco Polo Hotel in Ortigas.

moonshine2 moonshine5Compared to the dimmer and smaller Jupiter, Makati branch, Moonshine’s new setup now boasts of high glass windows and doors, brick arcs, two floors, Edison bulb lit interiors and a spacious al fresco. It’s very reminiscient of being in BGC. Advantages are, it’s cheaper and you’re already halfway between Quezon City and Makati. There are several revisions to the old menu such as the Aligue Wings (P295). Other additions are the Chicano Tacos (P320), Sriracha Chicken Skewers (P280) and the Tokwa’t Bagnet Belly (P370). Their Cheese, Cheese, Cheese Pizza (P420) and DIY Smores (P190) were retained.

Now, for what Moonshine really stands for, high octane liquor. They serve their cocktails by the glass ala “mason jar” and carafe ala “college style smashing”. One of the cocktail selections is the Moonshine. It’s basically gin and lime juice . Then we have the Green Sting. It’s vodka mixed with basil, cucumber and calamansi. Think mojito-ish. Both are priced at P190 by the glass and P650 by the pitcher. Those are highly recommended for those who are into that citrus-y almost-but-not-quite air freshener taste.


Chicano Tacos P320


Sriracha Chicken Skewers P280

The Hand Grenade(P250). It’s a classic New Orleans shooter made famous here by Moonshine. It’s assembled in a way that shots of Cuervo and Jäger are jammed on a short glass of Red Bull. Same concept as a grenade, you pull the pin, you ignite the fuse. Instead, you shoot either the tequila or the Jäger and you end up downing a Jägerbomb or a tequila bomb. Either way, you know it’s KABOOM! They also have the Jäger based Purgatory(P170), rum based Rock & Rolly(P180) and the mix, Blackout(P180). Judging by its shooter names, you know that Moonshine is illicitly legit.


Hand Grenade P250

From Sunday to Thursday, they have a happy hour from 4pm – 8pm. All local beers are buy one take one while cocktails are half priced on your second order. SanMig Pale Pilsen and Light standard prices are both 80 pesos per bottle. To those affected by the global market turmoil, here’s a piece of advice for you. Forget the quaaludes and get yourself a “Hand Grenade.”

P.S. Don’t get trapped inside the restroom. Don’t panic. Just push the button and slide up the chain.


The Good – Quality interiors, Hand Grenades, Good Food
The Bad – Small common restroom, limited parking during late nights
What P500 Will Get You – 1 Liter of Beer and DIY Smores or 2 Hand Grenades



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