Mulligan’s Irish Pub: Hello, Laddies.

What is it with old white guys and the exotic lady waitresses of the Philippines? Don’t get us wrong, love is blind and #lovewins and all that jazz and we’re all for stirring the melting pot of races. But you look around every pub in this country that’s frequented by white guys and almost always they’re flirting with someone that looks like a combat boot.

Once you step inside Mulligan’s, this dimly lit bar with lots of old wooden furniture and an assortment Irish memorabilia on the walls, you’ll immediately notice that there are white guys here who are quite obviously regulars. Each one friendly with his favorite waitress (Harry with Blessilyn, Mike with Jhonniver, John with Yeng, Charlie with Majoy), telling them jokes to which the waitresses only feign laughter and pretend to understand. The waitresses here are not far from who you’d find serving up drinks in Burgos. They’re the type of ladies that white guys love. Call it good Human Resources.

Mulligan's-2If you think about it, it’s kind of funny that the most successful Irish Pub in Metro Manila is located in BF Parañaque. So successful, in fact, that Mulligan’s has 3 branches that are meters apart on the same street. Not exactly known for its bustling Caucasian community, BF Parañaque is more of a landing spot for Koreans and Japanese and those respective cuisines have dominated this district for the better part of two decades. Yet Mulligan’s – this unassuming Irish pub with barely an Irish population to cling to – has cemented itself as the most popular drinking spot this side of a tollgate.

Mulligan’s, at its core, is a refuge for these old Caucasian males who miss the pubs of their hometown. You can come into Mulligan’s alone and it’s not awkward. You can sit down, enjoy a drink and watch the Rugby match in peace. Heck, you can even come in the morning and Mulligan’s will serve you a full English breakfast (P325) – ham, eggs, toast, sausages, hash browns and english beans. It’s huge and it’s delicious.

Mulligan's-3Mulligan's-4Apart from the regular Caucasian crowd though, Mulligan’s is also a destination for every other thirsty southerner who’s tired of sweaty cocktail bars with shitty drinks and even shittier music. After all, this is the place that gave birth to Central and Tides, so shitty drinks in jugs are kind of the thing here. For people who want beer served in chilled mugs, Mulligan’s is the perfect alternative. In fact, Mulligan’s serves beer from all over the world. From Guinness (P250) to Foster’s (P185) to Tiger (P150) to Pale Pilsen on tap (P80), chances are you’ll find the brew you like here. Just don’t expect it to be cheap.

Mulligan’s food and drinks are priced at a premium relative to the rest of the bars in this area. Based on the quality of their food, this isn’t a big surprised. Everything from their nachos to their pizza to even their English pies are good. If it weren’t for the shady waitresses and DOMs at the corner, this pub would actually make a decent restaurant to bring your family to.

Mulligan's-5Ultimately, what makes this place so popular around this area is that it brings a little something to the party that everybody wants. There are TVs all over the place for those want to catch the Barça match or the latest UFC fight. There’s all sorts of liquor for you to choose from – whether you prefer a good fine or a shot of Jameson or a properly served beer. The food is fantastic – no matter if you’re looking for bar chow or an actual meal, you won’t go wrong. And of course, if you’re an old white guy who left his family in Dublin, there are lots of lovely exotic waitresses for you to talk to.


The Good – Excellent food and impressive beer selection
The Bad – Creepy foreigner territory
What P500 will get you – A couple of local beers on tap and a generous plate of nachos

TAP’s recommendation for:

Grant O’Leary – Retired Navy engineer who’s settled down in Manila after 20 years in Subic, is at the pub at 10am for breakfast and beer, prefers to be served by Raponshelle the waitress.

Dae Hyun Kim – Korean currently residing in BF to avoid the military draft, gets along well with the locals, looks for kimchi in an Irish Pub and shockingly gets it.

Paolo Santiago (San Beda Alabang ’07, CSB ’11) – Football purist, thumbs his nose at people who watch the NBA, is livid that Iker Casillias is leaving Real Madrid, uses “bro” way too often.




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