TAP Was There: Johnnie Walker “The Journey” Party

Johnnie Walker holds a special place in our hearts. It was our first taste of a truly premium whiskey and now that we can actually afford it, nary a late night inuman goes by without a bottle of our favorite Black Label. Needless to say, when we received our invite to the Johnnie Walker Journey Party last August 23 our amats sense tingled.

Our journey began on the steps of Valkyrie, the country’s biggest nightclub and home to Manila’s most drunken selfies. Inside we met a man with a huge top hat who gingerly explained the night’s festivities. Our task was to visit three specially designed Johnnie Walker rooms. Each of the rooms, which represented the Red, Black, and Gold brands, had a bartender and a celebrity host.

Johnny-2Naturally, before entering a room filled with alcohol, we felt the need to grab a drink, so we slithered our way to the main hall and we weren’t disappointed to find tables with bottles of Johnnie Walker. Anybody who entered that hall knew right off the bat that it was going to be a long night.

So we sipped our whiskey and watched as Valkyrie was transformed into performing arts stage filled with acrobats, LED covered dancers and sexy girls wearing in tight black outfits. Truth be told, we would’ve been perfectly content hanging out in the main hall with all the other guests who were clad in black. But the rooms were calling.

Among the three areas, we only managed to enter the Black Label room and the experience could be described as surreally posh. We basically got a private lounge with more free drinks, an award winning bartender to serve us, and a nifty smoke machine that we suppose set the “mood”. We also enjoyed the company of soccer player Anton Del Rosario who for a guy whose job was to mingle with a group of drunk strangers, was pretty cool.

Johnny-3One can only talk about soccer and alcohol for so long so after thanking our bartender and host we made our way back to the main area. The night unfolded pretty much like most corporate events do, with the brand people making speeches about Johnnie Walker and giveaways, like a free trip abroad, being awarded to guests.

By this point we’ve had about 7 shots of whiskey (or more, nobody was counting) so the ceiling could’ve collapsed on our faces and we’d be perfectly fine and happy. All in all, the Journey Party was everything you’d expect from Johnnie Walker – classy, smooth, and just the right amount of kitschy to transform another regular Thursday night into, well, a journey to remember.

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