TAP’s Get Drunk At Home With: Jameson

You know Ireland has some good liquor flowing in their pipes when it’s people are chiefly stereotyped (rightfully or not) for being perpetually drunk. In fact, the most popular Irish holiday, St. Patrick’s day, is practically an excuse for anybody with Irish blood to get smashed (green beer, anybody?). The highest praise you can ever receive for drinking is if somebody says you drink like an Irishman. No country has alcohol as ingrained in the culture as Ireland.

With that in mind, TAP just had to try something from The Emerald Isle. Easily enough, we found something in the liquor section of Makati Supermarket – John Jameson Triple Distilled Irish Whiskey – and for a reasonable price of P699 for the bottle (quick lesson: It’s only Whisky without the E if it’s Scotch. If it’s Irish, you call it Whiskey)

And sweet, sweet liquor it is. Although a sip of it packs a lot of heat, Jameson tastes clean and finishes smoothly. Compared to the taste of Johnnie Walker Black Label, which has a fruitier taste (think berries with a touch of vanilla), Jameson tastes more along the lines of honey and ginger. Sweet, but with just enough spice and flavor to give that nice level of alcohol sting.

It’s a good Whiskey choice for those who want a nice change-of-pace from beer. And at P699, it’s certainly a less expensive choice than Black Label. One could even argue that it’s probably the better choice, all things (e.g. price) considering.

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