TAP’s Get Drunk At Home With: Scorpion-Eating-Cobra Wine

This is one for the history books. A bottle of imported liquor from Vietnam containing a snake clutching a scorpion with its fangs. Just staring at the bottle will get you a little scared. And then you taste it.

A little shot of this stuff sets off in your mouth like a grenade of chicken broth and Jagermeister. I have no idea why it tastes the way it tastes, but I’m guessing the fermented snake along with whatever herbs and spices are in this bottle of Darwinian poetry give it that earthy kick.

If you have friends travelling over to Vietnam, tell them to bring back a couple of bottles of this shit with them. Open it, stare into the eyes of the cobra whose remains you are about to consume, and scream, “I’m on top of the food chain, bitch!”

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