TAP’s Look Good Wasted: A Style Guide for Your Weekend Intoxication

You’re out. You’re having fun. You’re getting a little buzzed already. Are you sure you’re properly equipped? Well fret not, TAP isn’t only concerned with getting you drunk. We also want you to look good in the 20 drunk-dancing pictures you’ll be tagged on Facebook the following morning. Take your cue from these folks, depending on where you’re drinking:

In da club:

Natasha Wilson – A regular at Encore Supahclub, idolizes Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan
Wears: Skinny jeans, a tube top to accent her half-Caucasian cleavage, wedges, and lots of body glitter.
Secret weapon: A scarf to hide her cleavage when guys start to get creepy. Baby wipes in her clutch bag for future puking. Always holds a cigarette in her left hand so she can clear space with the other en route to the bar.

At a college inuman:

Miko Andrew Balmaceda – Fifth-year senior, is in a different drinking hole in Taft Ave. every night
Wears: His favorite “Push the Limit Animo Spirit” t-shirt, jeans that haven’t been washed in 2 weeks, ID lace of his alma mater.
Secret weapon: Doublemint gum for after-vomit breath. A Swiss army knife attached to his keychain in case of routine Taft hold-up.

Sa beerhouse:

Jorence Joniver Dabon – Maintenance crew, SM Hypermarket, prefers spending his nights with the “ladies” instead of his wife and kids
Wears: T-shirt given by losing candidate for Mayor, Good Morning towel around his neck, faded jeans, “Jesus” sandals.
Secret Weapon: Doesn’t wear underwear (alam na), used his “expensive” Safeguard soap today (scented) to help him score.

At an after-work watering hole:

Jose Jeremias “Jerry” Kimpo – Office worker, big believer in “5:Thirsty,” likes the sisig in Gerry’s Grill
Wears: Polo barong and slacks, leather shoes, “gold” watch
Secret Weapon: Didn’t wear a belt today in preparation for beer and sisig, a pure cotton undershirt to absorb meat sweats.

At a rakenrol gig:

Joaquin Ignacio “Iggy” Tagle – Unemployed (i.e. “freelance”), Urbandub superfan, follows them in every bar they perform.
Wears: Black Urbandub t-shirt purchased at Landmark, his lolo’s curduroys, Vans sneakers bought in Greenhills.
Secret Weapon: Wallet is chained to belt loop, will double as weapon if moshpit turns into a riot. Has a skateboard in his backpack in case quick escape is needed.

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