The Amats Preview of the NBA Finals

The NBA Finals are right around the corner and hoop fans are waiting around the world with bated breath. Basketball is one of the biggest amats of Filipinos and we bring to you a Finals preview in lingo tomadors will appreciate.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Just like the top shelf blend of the world’s most famous brand of scotch, LeBron James is the standard to live up to. There may be new names and new brands that capture people’s admiration every year – like Anthony Davis for hoops or Kavalan for whisky – but at the end of the day LeBron is there when the stakes are highest.

LeBron James is the best player in this series and probably by a significant margin. That is the only reason the Cleveland Cavaliers have any shot in this series. LeBron has both the talent and the track record to bring the trophy home to Cleveland.

Bacardi 151

Potent, extremely flammable and can knock you out with just a few shots, there is no better comparison to Stephen Curry than this fiery rum that has immolated countless of would-be challengers along the way. It doesn’t matter where it is or who it’s against, with enough shots dropping from Steph and it’s game over. LeBron is more talented, but he’s not likely to knock you out in one quarter.

Curry has sat out a significant number of 4th quarters this year, and that is a testament to how quickly he can put a game away. This year’s MVP will look to continue to fan the flames as he attempts to lead the favored Warriors to their first title in four decades.


JR Smith can win you a big game. JR Smith can also lose you a series. Just like when shots of tequila start to get passed around, the party is either going up a notch or puke is going to be all over the bathroom floor.

Red Horse vs. Colt 45

The battle of Draymond Green and Tristan Thompson may hold the key to this series. Green is tough, gritty and versatile Thompson is relentless and consummate role player. This everyman match-up will feature a lot of big hits, sharp elbows and dives to the ground.

Gin and Tonic vs. Rum and Pepsi

Klay Thompson is hard-nosed, understated but still extremely potent, as evidenced by his record-breaking 37-point quarter. Kyrie Irving has the sweetest handles in the game, a deadly shot but is not your ideal lead guard. Both are worthy second bananas to league MVPs and both are currently limited by injury. Whoever can get more out of their second-tier stars will have a decided advantage in this series.

The Battle of 2014-2015 Craft Beer Coaches

This is the first time rookie coaches are facing off in the Finals since the first year the league was incepted. Craft beers are all the rage, and these two fresh brews have quickly garnered much acclaim.

On one side you have the internationally renowned coach David Blatt, who fumbled and stumbled along the way before showing some true mettle and character leading this hobbled Cleveland team all the way to the Finals. As maligned as Blatt was, he was able to best new coaching sensation Brad Stevens, former Coach of the YearTom Thibodeau and current COY Mike Budenholzer.

On the other side, you have Steve Kerr. Kerr’s coaching experience is brewed from years of experience is a championship player under coaching legends Phil Jackson and Gregg Popopovich. Add in his years as an analyst for TNT and his time as general manager for the Phoenix Suns, and you have a colorful recipe for success.

Featured image via NBA’s Official Facebook Page

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