The Best Places to Eat After Drinking (According to Foodies, Drunkards, and You)

We’ve all been there. After a long drinking session, it’s 3am and you’re about to go home and then someone mentions that they’re hungry. The hunger starts to build and your stomach starts to grumble. Before you know it, it’s time for a late night food run. Whether it’s to sober up or just a guilty indulgence or both, the post-amats food trip is a drinking tradition TAP cannot live without. Since we’re concerned not just with finding you the best places to drink but also making sure you go home happy, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to eat after drinking according to the experts. We asked foodies, chefs, bloggers, drunkards, restaurateurs and of course our readers, where their go-to places are for post-inuman food-tripping.


“My favorite food run after a long night of drinking depends where I am, but usually I crave big-time for fast food stuff — its deep fried, greasy gloriousness is just so much fun to eat when inebriated. Give me Army Navy’s Fearless Fried Chicken or my all-time fat kid craving–Chicken McNuggets of McDonald’s. Or I attack any tapsilog within the vicinity — Recovery Food’s Tapa de Morning, Tapa King’s Tapa Queen, Rufo’s Famous Tapa.”

 – Bea Acosta, Features Editor –

“The perfect ending to a night of drinking would be any place that serves Tapsilog. Too many places to mention, but Recovery Food, Bugsy’s, Goto Monster, Rufo’s, and Tapa King come to mind. Just remember to double the egg, and go crazy with the vinegar and sriracha”

– #TheHungryGang

“After a late party, I like to slow things down at the Manila Pen lobby. Warm lights, live string quartet, and a wide enough menu to choose from – it is the gentle way of saying goodbye to an intoxicating evening.”

– Rebecca Disini, Innovation Chef

Hotel“After a hard, fun night of drinkng, I usually look for a place that’s open 24 hours and serves cheap greasy comfort food. Hoseñas Bulalo in Kalentong and Something Fishy in Eastwood City are a couple of my favorite post -inuman spots but for those times I would just rather have a conversation over coffee than indulge in a heavy meal at 2am, I would hang out at a McDonald’s, a gas station cafe like Bonjour or a Family Mart.”

– Erica Aquino, Restaurateur – 49-B Heirloom Kitchen

“If for Metro Manila, Recovery Food’s S.S.T. But no fail and no frills place is the D’Original Pares along Commonwealth ave.. You can’t go wrong with pares kasi…….and of course.. McDonald’s ice cream and fries.”

– Jeng Del Rosario, Writer –

“Go to spot after a night of drinking would be Burger Machine, it’s open 24/7, cheap and convenient (cause its everywhere!) Their Ultimate Burger with Egg is my midnight burger! Definitely ends the night on a good note!”

– Macy Dy, Food Entrepreneur – Frittery

“Depending on the mood, it could be lounging at the Lobby Lounge at any Shangri-La properties (Makati or Edsa Shangri-la) drive through at a24 hour fast food, or if a sisig place is open, I’d opt for that for some more indulgence. I’ve had times when I’ve also gone to Goodah! for some hot Lugaw and Tokwa’t Baboy.”

– Dennis Hipolito, Food Innovator (@food_fiends_etc)


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