The Best Places to Eat After Drinking (According to Foodies, Drunkards, and You)



Sinangag Express is, in my opinion, the innovator of the post-inuman tapsilog, especially in southern Metro Manila. Serving up tasty shredded tapa at a very reasonable price, you will find that SEX is packed at 2-4 in the morning. While Rufo’s tapa is more of the saucy and soupy variety, the SEX version is savory and smoky with notes of coffee. Perfect for late nights and early mornings. Well lit with excellent service and a water dispenser to get you rehydrated, SEX has all the essentials to gather your bearings after an extended evening of inebriation.”

– CM Drunk

Sinangag Express

“Nothing helps stave off a hang over than some starchy and greasy Chinese food! Open till late joints like North Park and Hap Chan are staples. Chowking is pretty good too.”

– Forrest Gulp


“My post inuman food trip place would always be Behrouz (Metrowalk, Wilson or Sct. Tobias). I always order my favorite combo meal consisting of  Beef Kabab, Chicken BBQ, Basmati Rice With Butter, Ox Brain and a Mango Shake. I wish they’d name the meal after me. I also go to Hoseñas bulalo in Kalentong, San Juan for my soup fix. The best thing about Hoseñas is you can request a “bowl of utak” for FREE if you feel that they deprived you in one of your orders.

– Mick Jäger


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