The Best Places to Eat After Drinking (According to Foodies, Drunkards, and You)


Reader’s Choice

Uncle Moe’s

Strategically located beside drinking places like The Reserve, Bugsy’s and Barcino, Uncle Moe’s is no stranger to the drunken food-trip. Pair up a plate of chello kebab with a cold bottle of beer to wash all the bad liquor down and you’re all set. If you’re buzzed enough, add some ox-brain for an authentic Persian experience.

Tapsihan ni Vivian

If the south has SEX, the (really far) north has Tapsi ni Vivian. More than just tapsilog, this place serves other morning staples like longganisa, tuyo, galunggong, and tocino. Despite its obscure location somewhere around Marcos Highway, it stands above the rest because everything tastes like your mom cooked it on a cool Saturday morning. Perfect for breakfast before sleeping.

Mister Kabab

If you want to talk about a place that has gotten legendary status, you have to talk about Mr. Kabab. Drunken people from all over Metro Manila flock to West Ave. just to get a piece of that special chello, keema and a glass of yoghurt shake. Probably the most celebrated and most iconic, post-amats eating place today, Mr. Kabab stands above the rest. You haven’t gone on a real food trip until you’ve gone on a food trip here.


Mister Kebab


Recovery Food

JT’s Manukan

Owned by critically-acclaimed actor Joel Torre, this chicken inasal restaurant is a real gem late at night. Serving probably the best-tasting chicken this side of the Colonel at very reasonable prices, we can think of no other chicken place for a late, late night food fun. No, not even Mang Inasal.

Kowloon House

24-hour Chinese places are perfect for the drunk-drive home hunger pangs. The good thing about Kowloon house is that they’re all over the place. Their huge-ass special siopao (asado and bola-bola combined) is perfect for after-drinking munchies.


Some people may prefer the greasy fries and chicken nuggets of Mickey D’s, but it’s hard to argue that there’s a better fast food post-amats meal than Chickenjoy, rice and hot gravy.

Wai Ying

It would be remiss if we didn’t include authentic dimsum on this list. Wai Ying is a Binondo institution and serves up the best dumplings in town. This place is proof of what a billion Chinese people already know: nothing hits the spot quite like hot congee and dumplings dipped in chili soy sauce.


Wai Ying


JT’s Manukan

Shawarma Snack Center

The famous tagline of SSC is that “You can never eat just one!” Once you’ve had a few drinks in you and you’re hankering for a food trip, you’ll be lucky if you eat just 3.

Dunkin Donuts

Although most people look for a savory fix for their post-drinking indulgence, there are some of us that go for the sweet stuff. A bag of munchkins and a cup of hot coffee or chocolate and you’ll have enough sugar and caffeine to help you through that drive home.


The ubiquitous convenience store is the home of the country’s deadliest deep fryer. Mini-stop is famous for frying whatever they can get their hands on, whether its siomai, Kariman or their very famous Uncle John’s chicken. That two piece chicken meal is a Godsend, particularly if its 4am and nothing else is open.


This is actually cheating. Whistlestop does serve good food and is open 24 hours, so its place here is valid. It’s also a place to get more beer, which is usually the case.

Gourmet’s Burger

The south’s once best-kept-secret is now a resurrected Lazarus out to prove that there is life after getting wasted. Home of the “takaw rice” and some of the tastiest burgers in the south, Gourmet’s is a neighborhood favorite.

Honorable Mention:

Food Cathedral
Pares Point
RJ Bulalo
Manokan Country


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