The Butcher Shop & Pub: Nice To Meat You

It’s a fact – gastro pubs have overrun Metro Manila. Like a pair of horny teenagers, the concept has reproduced, multiplied and reproduced again all over the city. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, since a gastro pub when done right can be an oasis from the workaday world, a respite from the stresses of daily life. One just has to follow a certain formula, and luckily for the corporate slaves of BGC, The Butcher Shop & Pub is one such place that pretty much followed that formula to a tee.

Located near Agave in High Street, The Butcher Shop has got the sleek, pseudo-industrial look that’s more or less synonymous with gastro pubs. You’ve got the dark wooden furniture, huge black board signage, and a long bar on the ground floor. There’s even a calligraphy inspired mural on the 2nd floor. It’s a swanky looking joint but also pretty much indistinguishable from establishments like Draft or The Reserve.

IMG_4042And just like Draft or The Reserve, the patrons of The Butcher Shop are pretty much the same. There are your BGC yuppies sitting perfectly content in the corner table, drinking some wine and talking about the latest office “chismax”. Across them is a pretty young graphic designer who just finished presenting logo studies to a client. Then there’s the stray expat on the long table with a cold one, waiting for his Uber driver to arrive.

The thing that makes or breaks a gastro pub is its food, and fortunately for The Butcher Shop they’ve got some hearty, alcohol soaking dishes, albeit they’re mostly made up of meat. (Sorry vegans!) Some highlight dishes are the Make Your Own Steak (PHP 300 – PHP 700), which you can mix and match with different rubs and the generously stacked Sausage Fiesta platter (PHP 690).

ButcherShop3In terms of booze, The Butcher Shop also doesn’t disappoint. The bar is well stocked with the usual beers and spirits. If you’re the type who like drinks with mini umbrellas, you can try the beer-infused fruit cocktails. Promotions abound at the Butcher Shop. So cheapskates can rejoice. There’s a deal where one bottle of wine comes with a free cheese and cold cuts platter. Mixed drinks lovers and alcoholics, on the other hand, can get smashed with unlimited cocktails (PHP 500) from 3pm to 9pm.

So what The Butcher Shop lacks in innovation, it makes up with good quality food and drinks. And based on its healthy patronage, we here at TAP won’t be surprised if another branch pops up somewhere in Manila or even beyond. That’s the thing about gastro pub. It’s the one place you’ve been to a million times before and it’s also the place you end up going to after a long day.


The Good –A carnivore’s paradise.
The Bad – Yes, it’s another gastro pub.
What P500 will get you – Unlimited cocktails!


Christine Valerio (ADMU, ’05) – Head of promotions for a Cigarette company, ironically has never smoked a stick in her life.

Butch Romeo Gonazales (UA&P, ‘13) – Media buyer, burned out after a year of working, wants to quit his job and go soul searching in Nepal.

Drew Dennis – An expat with two first names who nobody seems to trust.


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